A baby birth

When I had to come up with an idea for a portrait project I had to think really hard to find something meaningful that would express my values and also touch someone else’s lives. I thought nothing more perfect than photographing a baby birth, little I knew I was about to witness  one of the most powerful journeys where love, strength and joy were the main components of this amazing story.

I will be forever grateful to this family for allowing me to be part of such an intimate moment. Not only have I accomplished my assignment, but I also feel much closer to these beautiful people, that I can truly call my friends.

So with no further due here they are, the main character of this story that I like to call LIFE.




* For HD quality please click on the HD icon on the video control panel. 

Adriana Watson

Adriana Watson

Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast Wedding and Portrait Photographer at Adriana Watson Photography
Adriana Watson

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A baby birthAdriana Watson

18 comments on "A baby birth"

  1. Raquel Deloie on

    What a beautiful pictures! Well done Adriana Watson xx.

  2. Adriana Watson on

    Thank you my darling, you are always a great supporter of my work. Thanks a million :0.

  3. Simplismente maaaravilhoso!!! Parabens para esse exemplo de Mae e parabens pela arte desse slide video. Adriana vc arrasou!

  4. Renee Suess on

    WOW, Adriana! Every single one of these photos is a masterpiece! I cried at least 3 times. 🙂 So tastefully done. You really know how to capture just the right moments, so much emotion in the pain and then the joy… Just amazing!

  5. Adriana Watson on

    Thank you so much Renee Suess. I can't even tell you how much I cried putting the slide show together. Such an emotional assignment and I'm so happy with how it turned out. Even happier to see the reaction to the family watching this for the first time, just priceless 🙂

  6. Adriana Watson on

    Thanks you Briar Bewley you are a great supporter. Thanks a million.

  7. que lindoooo Adriana, Nao e preciso assistir o video todo para as lagrimas comeca a cair..que familia linda, Fotos emocionante, Momento Lindo..E vc logico..Que professional…Parabens a vc e a eles…

  8. Well done Adriana. How very beautiful.

  9. Fantastic, beautiful, wonderful…. X

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