Beautiful Sunshine Coast Wedding – Brad and Kailah

Beautiful Sunshine Coast Wedding – Brad & Kailah


Brad and Kailah’s beautiful Sunshine Coast wedding took place in the picturesque Buderim Village Park. A  perfect location for a Sunshine Coast wedding, with a view to die for!

They were blessed with perfect weather and lots of lovely moments shared with their closest friends and family.

The ceremony decor was the work of the always creative Joanne Wolfe, from Coast to Country Weddings and Events. A beautiful rustic feel, set up with a touch of elegance, just what Kailah envisioned. The flowers from Ginger Lily Rose were the cherry on the cake. It added a burst of fresh colour complementing the surroundings.
The reception was held at The Lakehouse Sunshine Coast, where the celebrations really kicked off with a relaxed and fun cocktail reception. They certainly partied the night away!

Brad and Kailah, thank you so much for sharing your Sunshine Coast wedding with me. There is no doubt in my mind that your lives together will be blessed with happiness and crazy adventures. It was a pleasure to get to know you both during all these months planning your wedding. It’s always a bitter sweet feeling when finishing a job, I’ll miss you guys. Congratulations again lovebirds, much love for you!


Brad and Kailah’s dream team:
Celebrant: Mary Bruce
Event planner and stylist: Coast to Country Weddings and Events
Makeup Artist: Kate Ellen Makeup Artistry
Hair Stylist: Coastal Style Mobile Hairdressing
Kailah’s dress: Mori Lee
Bridesmaids dress: For her and for him
Suits: Black Jacket Suiting
Car: Kombi Deluxe Service
Ceremony Acoustic Singer: Josh Lovegrove
Ceremony Flowers: Ginger Lily Rose
Bouquets: The Vintage Flower box
Reception Venue: The Lakehouse Sunshine Coast
Photographer: Adriana Watson Photography


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Adriana Watson

Adriana Watson

Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast Wedding and Portrait Photographer at Adriana Watson Photography
Adriana Watson

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Beautiful Sunshine Coast Wedding - Brad and KailahAdriana Watson

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