5 Amazing Ways To Include Your Pets In Your Wedding 

Pets are important family members, so it’s expected that they are included on big, special days. No argument having your fur babies by your side at your most crucial moment would complete the celebration. Recently, involving pets in weddings became a common trend to make the day even more special.

Even so, including pets on your wedding day isn’t limited to letting them attend the actual ceremony. Nate Ward, a cake specialist at Wedding Cakes Sydney, said, “There are various ways you can include your pet on your big day, like including miniature statues of them on your cake or wedding photos. It all comes down to using the imagination and your creativity.”

Whatever theme you choose — may it be a golf club theme or a beach wedding — there are several ways you can involve your pet in your wedding. So, fur parents, turn your attention to these excellent tips on how to do so.


 Ways To Include Your Pets In Your Wedding


1. Give Them Special Roles

‘Dog of Honor’ and ‘Paw Partner For Life’ are witty and adorable titles your pet can do for the big day. To make sure they behave, hiring a pet sitter can help prevent future problems.  

 Ways To Include Your Pets In Your Wedding

2. Add Them In Your Cake

Including animal toppers on wedding cakes can serve as a small but grand representation of your pet’s role in your life. It’s a non-verbal way of telling your guests that your pets are vital family members.

 Ways To Include Your Pets In Your Wedding

3. Dress Them Up For The Occasion

Weddings are formal events with guests required to dress appropriately for the occasion.
Your pets shouldn’t be an exception to that! Clad them in a delightful (but comfortable)
formal outfit to fit the event!


4. Incorporate Them On The Theme and Design

You can pay homage to your pet by subtly or bluntly including them in the wedding theme or decor. You can have your centrepieces, candles, pins, or cards specially created to look like your pets.

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5. Include Them In Photos

Lastly, the easiest yet most meaningful way is by including them in your wedding photos! Posing with your beloved pets for a memorable wedding picture clarifies just how important your fur babies are to your family. 

You can ask your Sunshine Coast wedding photographer to include your pets in the bridal suite photoshoot, family photos, bridal and groom party shoots, reception pictures, and candid moments. 

Ultimate Tip: Work With The Best Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer To Capture The Precious Moments.

Pets are also part of the family, which means they shouldn’t be left behind on special occasions. With pets being more socially accepted at significant events, fur parents are actively searching for ways to include them on special days, like weddings.

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