Family portrait

Family Portrait


Big tip for all the guys out there, family Portrait session! That’s right. What is the perfect present you could give  your wife on her birthday? Forget about the diamonds, sorry ladies. But what better than having those special moments with your family to be captured on camera and be with you forever? So husbands write this down you will score big brownie points with your lady that’s for sure.
And that’s exactly what Evan gave  his beautiful wife for her birthday. She was beyond excited when he broke the news not to mention Evans excitement, he did not wait until Annette’s  birthday to reveal  her birthday present would .

It was a fun relaxed family portrait session near Maroochydore River. We had so much fun!

I love how fun family portrait sessions are, with kids being kids and parents enjoying a relaxed afternoon. Not a bad job to have 🙂



Adriana Watson

Adriana Watson

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