Sunshine Coast engagement

Sunshine Coast engagement plus family photos

 Sunshine Coast Engagement photos –

 I’m always excited to photograph a Sunshine Coast wedding, even more when I get the chance to photograph my couples before the big day.
I’ve spent the last hours of a beautiful afternoon with Bridgette, Ryan and their gorgeous girls, aka “The Fab Trio.” The time we spent together was a delight to say the least.

This session was supposed to be all about Bridgette and Ryan, after all it was a Sunshine Coast engagement session, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off the “The Fab Trio,” they completely won me over. I think I got a little bit carried away and our Sunshine Coast engagement session morphed into a beautiful family photo session.

As we all know, sometimes life takes a different turn. While Bridgette and Ryan were busy fullfilling other dreams and raising their gorgeous girls the wedding plans took the back seat. But now the day is approaching and I’m beyond excited to be the one documenting your beautiful Noosa wedding. Not long to go now!

If your wedding is anything like your Sunshine Coast engagement session, oh boy we are going to have fun. I can hardly wait!! 


Watch this space people, to be continued…

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In addition to my excitement to photograph Bridgette and Ryan’s wedding, I’m really looking forward to working with  Mary Bruce Celebrant and the very talented Angela from Photo Finish Makeup.


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Sunshine Coast engagement plus family photosAdriana Watson

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  1. Great photos Adriana

  2. Beautiful Adriana, what a special day for these guys.

  3. Thank you Tammy Fox, is going to be a beautiful wedding <3

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