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Weddings are very special occasions, and every couple would want their big day to be very memorable. Planning a wedding can be a challenging task, from choosing the venue, entourage, menu, and photographer, to putting all the many elements together. While some dream of having a traditional church ceremony, others picture getting married outdoors like in a garden or at the beach. If you want to make your vows by the ocean, here are a few pieces of advice from wedding planning experts.

Sunshine Coast Photographer

Wedding Venue

The venue should be one of your first concerns. With the many amazing beaches in the Sunshine Coast, picking one can be tricky. The place is known as the wedding capital of Australia, however, which means that you can hardly go wrong in choosing any of its famed beaches as venue.

Beach Wedding

While not always welcome, strong winds are a reality in outdoor events, especially one held at the beach. Dress for the occasion. Lightweight fabrics, like chiffon and charmeuse for the bride, and cotton for the groom, are better suited than heavy satins or black wool. The sand can also prove to be a nuisance, so flat-soled shoes for both men and women are recommended.

A good idea for welcome bags would be one that contains beach essentials–like sunscreen, insect repellent, towels, hand fans, and refreshments–to keep guests comfortable throughout the ceremony. Since beaches are normally open to the public, you may want to get the necessary permits to avoid unwanted onlookers.

Be prepared for certain weather conditions like gusty winds and intense heat from the sun by providing shades or tents; and tying chairs down ( perhaps with shells for an added touch) to keep them in place. Remember to have a back-up plan for sudden weather changes.

Wedding Photographer

You wouldn’t want to miss capturing every memorable moment of your wedding, so never overlook the importance of hiring an exceptional Sunshine Coast wedding photographer. Each photographer sees things differently, so when choosing whom to hire, browse through portfolios to have a vision of what to expect for your own photos. In particular, choose one who has experience with beach weddings and other outdoor settings.

The beach offers plenty of picturesque moments that only a highly creative and experienced photographer can capture in a snap. Contrary to the popular saying that “photographs may fade but memories last forever,” a dedicated Sunshine Coast photographer like Adriana Watson believes that pictures are more than just temporary printed items. With the photographer’s expertise and skills, you and your spouse can look back on that special day, and use them to eloquently share the experience with generations to come.