Sunshine Coast wedding during Covid-19

While the uncertainty of having a Sunshine Coast wedding during COVID-19 might be keeping you awake at night, I want you to know that you’re not alone.

Here on the Sunshine Coast, we’re very fortunate to have some of the most incredible wedding suppliers who are working around the clock to make your day happen. We’re sorry for how overwhelmed you must be feeling if you are having to postpone your wedding, or is considering it. 

While I don’t have a solution to magically transport you and your guests to your bid day (wouldn’t that be awesome?), I can help you navigate through these challenging times pointing you out in the right direction. Our friends at June bug have compiled some great tips. Let’s dig in here.

Planning your wedding during Covid-19

Are you newly engaged? Or have been planning your wedding? Keep it up with your wedding planning; don’t stop now! It is business as usual here. I’m happy to help you plan, and your continued support now will mean your favourite wedding folk will be around when the time comes for your big day. In times like this, it is essential to have something to looking forward. It will get you through this tough time.

sunshine coast wedding during COVID-19

Now that we are all adjusting to our new reality, a lot of couples are back in full wedding planning mode. Which is FANTASTIC!!!

If you are planning your big day in 2021 or late 2020, and are yet to lock in your dream team, don’t wait any longer. I’d highly recommend getting in touch with your favourite suppliers and tick your to-do list off. Due to the high volume of recent postponements, my 2021 calendar is filling out quicker than ever.

sunshine coast wedding during COVID-19

2021 will be my busiest year to date! Give your girl a hola and let’s lock in your date. You can contact me at here or

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