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Bohemian beach wedding – Styled Shoot

The Sunshine Coast is blessed with some of the most amazing beaches and fantastic weather. The place is known as a hot spot to get married in Australia, which means that you can hardly go wrong in choosing any of its famed beaches to host your bohemian beach wedding.

With that in mind, our fab team of Sunshine Coast wedding suppliers came together to create this very romantic bohemian beach wedding styled shoot. If you are the kind of girl or guy looking at having a relaxed, care free wedding, this post is for you. It can’t get any more laid back and gorgeous than this!

Our love birds, Jamie and Tom, were taken care of by the very talented hair stylist Sandi from Rolling Scissors. Jamie was dolled up by the beautiful Tasleema Nigh Makeup Artist.

The bohemian chic styling is the work of Michelle from Complete the Look. The arbour’s backdrop and the chandelier were hand made by Michelle, hours and hours of work right there.
In her own words: “My inspiration came from my last trip to the USA where I watched the beautiful changing colours and the move towards intimate weddings for up to 10 people. Generally surrounded by the local environment. I drew my designs from a collection of inspirational artists who love to work with yarn/wool to create texture, ambiance and incorporate all of our 5 senses.

Beautiful rich colourful blooms complemented Michelle’s styling, with gorgeous floral arrangements created by the lovely Gill from i-Blossom.

Last but not least, Jamie wore one of Aleksandrovna Bridal Collection’s newest creation,  jewellery by Bad Muse.

Stationary by Little.j Designs



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