Montville wedding

Montville wedding – Jasmine and Ashley

Montville Wedding – Jasmine and Ashley

Jasmine and Ashley’s Montville wedding had it all. Gorgeous details, fun moments, animal farm and lots, and lots of love!

Their ceremony and reception took place in one of the most beautiful wedding venues on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, the gorgeous Flaxton Gardens.
The flowers were to die for! Two beautiful chandeliers where adorned with thousands of beautiful blooms, it definitely set the tone for an elegant Montville Wedding. Flaxton Gardens barrel room never looked so beautiful, just divine!

As a Sunshine Coast wedding photographer I find it amazing how life brings people together, its like there is a divine force somewhere and when it is the right time to meet “the one”, it just happens. Who ever thought a trip to Bunnings would be the starting point for these two. Later on they met again at a mutual friends New Years Eve party, and the rest is history. Ashley proposed to Jasmine feigning an injury and dropped to one knee while climbing Kangaroo Ciffs in Brisbane. Two years later they said their “I dos”, a perfect Montville wedding.

A few words from Jasmine:

What made you choose Flaxton Gardens as your wedding venue?

We chose Flaxton Gardens because nothing else was comparable, the views are beautiful & the food is to die for.

How would you describe your overall wedding experience?

Our overall wedding experience could be desribed as costly, draining, emotional, but ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

What photography related advice would you offer to a couple?

Our photographic advice for a couple would be to call Adriana hehe because she’s amazing.. And just relax, be yourself & trust Adriana because everything she tells you is for YOU!

What tip would offer to a couple planning their wedding?
Planning is everything, don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember what the day is actually about!
The dream team who made the day just perfect
Ceremony: Flaxton Gardens
Reception: The Barrel room
Celebrant: Beth Dancing Free
Florist: Willow Bud
Makeup Artist: Ruby Jade Makeup Artistry
Hair: Rolling Scissors
The bridal party wore: Ferrari Formalwear & Bridal
Car: Deluxe Kombi Service
Photo Booth: Sunshine Photo booth
DJ: Elite Sound
Photographer: Adriana Watson

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