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Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer:  Why I love styled shoots.

Even though I shoot a fair share of Sunshine Coast weddings every year, I always make time for styled shoots – and I love them! They are a very important part of my business, they help me to be the best wedding photographer I can be. When designing my styled shoots I like to keep them as close as possible to a real wedding. Personally I prefer to work with real couples rather than models. It’s my way of challenging myself, I can work on my ability to make my couples feel at ease therefore allowing me to capture their chemistry and love for each other, just like I would when I photograph a wedding.

Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer52 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer53 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer54 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer55

Wedding Photographer Sunshine Coast: 6 reasons why I love styled shoots.

1- Testing new equipment –  Whenever I can’t help myself and splurge on a new lens I organise a styled shoot. Trust me, testing that new lens for the first time at a wedding is not the best way to go about it. There are so many different looks you can create when you know precisely how your equipment works.

Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer56 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer57 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer58 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer59

2 – Creativity – This is the real fun bit! Photography for me has always been an art form and how I express myself. I’m just lucky enough to have extended this into a career. With a styled shoot there is no pressure. All the weird and wonderful ideas I have had when shooting real weddings, but maybe was too afraid to try for fear of failure, are just non existent. The results can range from ok to amazing, ditch the ok and incorporate the amazing into future weddings.

Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer60 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer61 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer62 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer63 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer64 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer65 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer66

3 – Network and laugh – When photographing a Sunshine Coast wedding the day can go by real quick. It’s hectic, I’m always busy trying to capture all the special moments and people from many different angles, so much so you often work with wonderful suppliers, spend a big part of the day photographing their fantastic work, without the opportunity for a real conversation or a hearty laugh. With styled shoots there is time and opportunity to bounce back ideas off each other in real time, to connect, and of course not  be afraid to laugh too loud! They help build bonds and deeper relations with your favorite Sunshine Coast wedding suppliers.

Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer67 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer68 Sunshine Coast wedding photographer Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer70 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer71 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer72 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer73 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer74 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer75 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer76

4 – Build Portfolio – Styled shoots are under your control! I can create  the kind of images that most reflect my brand, that suit and fit  my style. A great way to build my portfolio and show potential clients what my style is really about.

Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer77 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer78 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer79 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer80 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer81 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer82 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer83 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer84 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer85

5 – New techniques and practice – I believe you should never stop learning. If you think you know it all its probably time to give the game away. I spend a lot of my downtime investing in my own learning, whether a workshop or online seminars, I’m always picking up new tips and tricks. The styled shoots allow me to experiment with them before incorporating into live weddings. Photography is like fashion, it evolves and changes rapidly and without practicing you can easily be left behind.

Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer86 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer87 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer88 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer89 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer90 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer91 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer92 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer93

6 – Renew Inspiration – I never struggle to get out of bed on wedding days, its always exciting. I still find every wedding is a joyous event that I’ve been invited to capture. Sometimes though you can find yourself following a particular routine. A styled shoot is a great way to shake things up, it helps me to see things in different angles or outside the box. It’s a fantastic way to keep me inspired.

Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer95 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer96 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer97 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer98 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer99 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer00 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer01 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer02 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer03 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer04 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer05 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer06 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer07 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer08 Sunshine_Coast_wedding_photographer09 Sunshine Coast wedding Photographer Sunshine coast Wedding Photographer

So If you are looking for a Sunshine Coast wedding photographer who can truly capture those special moments of your wedding day, then let’s talk.
We still have a few spots for this year, so hurry and get in touch with me here.

Big thanks to all the wonderful Sunshine Coast Wedding Suppliers and the owners of the gorgeous Victoria’s Chapel who made this styled shoot possible. Please make sure to check them out, links below.